📽️ Sonata Antilles, I. Mulatto Girl, Performance and interview

The pianist Catalina Roldán plays the piece Sonata Antillas, I. Mulatto Girl, composition by Daniel Vega.

I share this beautiful interpretation of my work by the pianist Catalina Roldán, and the interview she did with me for the project “‘Repertoire for piano of Colombian composers with elements of folklore from the Pacific and Atlantic coasts”, a work that Catalina developed as a professor of the Department of Music at the Universidad de los Andes.

Sonata Antilles, I. Mulatto Girl merges two structural concepts: that of the sonata form with its three respective sections (exposition, development, and re-exposition) and that of the song for salsa orchestra with its two large sections (the base and the shine). In addition, this piece develops some rhythmic patterns typical of the different instruments that make up an orchestra or salsa ensemble, such as the clave, the conga, the bongo, the bell, the timbale, the bass, and the piano. Thus, Mulata has a bright, energetic, and impetuous spirit.

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